Welcome to GCCBS Computer Services

GCCBS Computer Services is home to mass deployment of IT installation services and related project management for companies in the retail sector of operations and for other companies as well which fulfil enterprise level operations. The Domain of our operations include development of hardware which are peculiar to the task in hand on a massive scale, integrating the developed hardware as per the requirement of the system to be brought into place and finally installing the developed system as per the needs and preferences of our clients.

We understand that the retail industry witnesses a cut throat competition and hence we make it imperative to employ such methodologies and techniques which are particular to every client. After getting the methodology in place, we execute a management process with expert professionals in an according manner that ensure that the methodology which has been devised is brought into materialization in an ideal and desired manner.

GCCBS Computer Services takes pride in expressing that Customer Satisfaction is the prime objective of all our services and every individual in every segment of operation of our team, be it hardware development, be it system integration, be it system installation or even the management and execution sections, make every feasible endeavour to fulfil this prime objective of Customer Satisfaction. We have an established grievance redressing platform and a dedicated team of professionals to meet to every suggestions and recommendations from our clients towards our operations; and take care of grievances of our clients, if they have any.

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